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Published on 03-12-2018

Felixx part of the UNStudio team envisaging The City of the Future

The Hague [NL]

Felixx is part of the UNStudio team, together with DGMR, Metabolic, Nelen Schuurmans and Here technologies, for The City of the Future, a Socio-Technical City in the Central Innovation District of The Hague. This infrastructure hub is envisioned as a green, self-sufficient double-layered district, where a new urban layer of housing, offices, urban mobility and park-like public space is composed over the existing train track infrastructure.

How can the major social transitions taking place in the fields of energy, food and mobility be realized in our cities in a way that is both future-proof and attractive? This is the question that underlies the design vision of the Socio-Technical City.

Our vision for The Hague is one of the studies made for ‘The City of the Future’, a joint initiative by BNA Research (the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects), the Delft University of Technology, the Delta Metropolis Association, the municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven, the Directorates-General for Mobility and Transport, the Environment and Water, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of Interior.

The project started in January 2018, when 10 multidisciplinary design teams were tasked with investigating new ways of city-making using five test locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven. These teams included landscape architects, urban planners, mobility experts, experts in the field of circular economy, energy transition, future strategies, big data, smart cities etc. The teams worked on a level playing field together with municipalities, stakeholders and experts in the field of important innovations.

The results of this and the other visions created for The City of the Future project will be collected in a publication in the spring of 2019.

  1. Construction has started at The Unbound Amsterdam
  2. Spatenstich in Alpen!
  3. Brainport Smart District launched!
  4. Team De Unie+Felixx designs the Eemsdelta Campus as an integrated educational landscape
  5. Urban Food Forest Rijnvliet under Construction
  6. Definitive Design for Jonas Approved
  7. Felixx contributing to Dutch pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020
  8. Felixx part of the UNStudio team envisaging The City of the Future
  9. 'Dutch architects plant trees into huge 3D printed sample tubes'
  10. Start test phase 3D printed tree pots for Food Innovation Strip
  11. Felixx part of the team to develop Floating Gardens
  12. Selected for the Brainport Smart District
  13. Construction in Alpen will start soon
  14. Closure New Town Lab
  15. Transformation Silk Factory
  16. New Town Lab
  17. Presentation Results Darmstadt 2030+
  18. First Mock-Up 3D Pot
  19. Start 3D printing
  20. Green Icons
  21. Development Strategy Schiekwartier
  22. Food Innovation Strip
  23. Darmstadt 2030+
  24. Felixx presented 1/1 scale models of the special designed furniture
  25. Felixx and MLA+ selected for regeneration Buji River
  26. Open oproep 003401
  27. Het Eiland van Dordrecht
  28. FELIXX + CITYFÖRSTER selected for the competition for Dietenbach
  29. Felixx en Afrique!
  30. Featured in Garten+Landschaft
  31. Public space design guidelines for Food Innovation Strip in Ede-Wageningen approved
  32. Construction in progress
  33. Reinventing Dharavi published
  34. S4 Highway
  35. Book publication ‘BNA Licht Verdicht’
  36. New cultural center in Tiel is nearing completion
  37. Selected for the Open Call: Urban Planning for extremes!
  38. Selected for 2nd round in ‘Who Cares’ competition
  39. COA Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in Ter Apel officially opened
  40. Felixx in Wuhan
  41. Russian Open at Pakhuis de Zwijger
  42. Open Oproep 0032-07
  43. Realisation of bird island in Rijnvliet
  44. de Architekten Cie. + FELIXX have won the competition for the spatial development strategy
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