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Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners is a Rotterdam-based office for proactive landscape architecture founded in 2014. Felixx believes a better world requires a better organization of our environment. We specialize in addressing urgent global challenges with locally embedded design solutions. Our work has a broad international scope and our projects range from spatial research, landscape transformation strategies and masterplans, to public space and product design. The office is named after Felixx - a fictional character we invented. A modest hero, Felixx travels the world looking for opportunities to realize happy environments.


High Performance Landscapes

We design striking functional places. Our environment is facing increasing pressure: from adapting to shifting climate conditions, facilitating migration movements, anticipating on water- and flood problems, moving towards clean energy production and improving biodiversity, to recalibrating the organization of both urban and rural areas. These elements and their demands force us to move away from monofunctional environments, turning landscapes into complex hybrids: uniting scenic experiences with intelligent functioning systems. Therefore Felixx is both engineering and designing landscapes, maximizing environmental impact by creating powerful places.


Generous Concepts

Our projects are idea and research driven. Comprehensive understanding of the tasks and potentials of existing conditions results in generous concepts for the future of these places. Diverse social and environmental strategies can profitably be connected, by spatial concepts that establish hierarchy and prioritization among them. Felixx creates powerful, collaborative and inclusive environments. We design spatial stories that generate enthusiasm and commitment with all parties involved.


Collaborative Attitude

We realize innovation. We combine engagement in strategic research with delivering captivating built works. This enables us to bring theoretical models and innovative techniques into practice. We build on close partnerships with various universities and renowned knowledge institutions. Our clientele includes governments, NGO’s and private developers. The projects of Felixx result from an interdisciplinary effort and an intensive process with clients and partners. We master the process of turning ground-breaking ideas into feasible plans and embraced realms.