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Urban Future in Rotterdam

6 June 2024

Today, we are facing floods, fires, loss of biodiversity and extreme drought...
Nature-based Solutions are crucial more than ever. We must prepare cities for extreme weather conditions by integrating climate adaptive strategies.  Founder and partner of Felixx, Michiel van Driessche will appear as speaker on how to make cities climate adaptive at Urban Future, Rotterdam. How? Nature-based is the Solution!


 Nature-based Solutions (NBS) are approaches that use nature and natural processes for delivering infrastructure, services, and integrative solutions to meet the rising challenge of urban resilience. NBS can provide multiple benefits to cities and address different societal challenges, including reducing disaster risk and building climate resilience, while also contributing to restore biodiversity, creating opportunities for recreation, improving human health, water and food security, and supporting community wellbeing and livelihoods. 

How to integrate climate adaptation in general urban planning 

Cities operate in structural silos. However, they realise that true water management is extremely difficult to handle with these structures and mentalities. Who is responsible for the stormwater which runs off buildings, through parks, onto streets, and into canals? And how do you deal with both too much and too little water at the same time? In this session, we learn how to organize your city around these (not so) new realities: how to legitimately coordinate communities and stakeholders, find the right people to work with, and involve both those who do not (yet) feel addressed and those who have always done it their way. Let’s get integrated water management to work in your city!  

urban future

Urban Future’s mission is to support you to change your city for the better. Inspiring, challenging, and connecting you with the world’s most impressive urban change-makers. We do this through Europe’s largest events for urban sustainability, taking place in different cities and virtually, and through our global community of more than 50,000 CityChangers and 200+ organisations.

Are you ready to make cities sustainable? Join us at Urban Future! More info here


  • Organized by: Urban Future
  • Topic: Nature-based Solutions 
  • Speakers: Michiel van Driessche. Fellow speakers are Lykke Leonardsen of Copenhagen, Dirk van Peijpe (DeUrbanisten), and Ala Hussin (Rockwool). Moderator is Philipp Bouteiller (Berlin)
  • Date: 06-06-2024 at 9.00-10:30 
  • Time: More info here 
  • Admissions: More info here
  • Location: Rotterdam
  • Language: English 
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Design research, developing knowledge, and implementing it in built projects form the foundation of Felixx's work. Sharing this knowledge contributes to accelerating the transition to a sustainable, climate-adaptive world. That's why Felixx participates in various events in various ways, from roundtable discussions to trade fairs, from biennials to festivals. We are eager to share our knowledge and expertise in the field of Nature-based Solutions and climate adaptation. Periodically, we also organize events at our office in Rotterdam.

Check the agenda below to find out where you can locate us. If you are organizing an event, expert session, or festival where our expertise is desired, we would love to hear about it. Email us at for more info.