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Future Green City

25 September 2024

How to create a food forest in a new neighborhood

As part of Future Green City, we are offering an Urban Trail in Rijnvliet, Edible Neighborhood in Utrecht. Founder and partner Marnix Vink and Landscape designer Robert-Jan van der Linden will take you through the innovative public spaces of the area.

Rijnvliet is a new residential district that offers 1100 new houses for the Leidsche Rijn expansion area of Utrecht. The layout of the neighbourhood is co-designed with the residents as a productive landscape. However, a lush green public space like Rijnvliet, how does it work? During the construction, the municipality organized planting events, where new inhabitants and children of the school could plant their own trees in their own neighbourhood. Now the social engagement and spin-off of this project is amazing! Inspired by the concept, people planted fruit trees in their own garden, in WhatsApp groups they keep each other posted on what is ready to harvest, they share recipes with local plants and organize wild picking days to teach each other what is edible.

With the tour you will explore how an edible neighborhood can bring people together and its positive impacts for the community.

future green city
Nearly 18 million Dutch people live in the green delta of the Rhine and Meuse. More than half of them live below sea level. The population is growing rapidly. The Netherlands occupies a leading position in Europe in the field of urbanization. Dozens of cities just a stone's throw from each other form a close-knit urban and economic network. That is why the question is increasingly asked: is the Netherlands a densely populated country or a sparsely populated city?

As a green delta metropolis, we know the challenges of creating a green and healthy living environment. Travel distances are short, public transport and connections are excellent. During the Future Green City World Congress, participants from Utrecht explore various cities in the Netherlands: from medieval cities to 'new towns', from sinking cities in the polders in the west to cities in the middle of nature in the east.

Organized by: Gemeente Utrecht
Topic: Rijnvliet Edible Neigborhood
Tour guide: Marnix Vink & Robert-Jan van der Linden
Date: 25th september 2024
Time: 14:45-17:15 (2h30min)
Admission: Get your tickets here
Location: Rijnvliet, Utrecht
Language: Dutch

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