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  1. Redevelopment Strategy Vogabyggð
  2. Public Space Alpen
  3. Transformation Strategy Chelyabinsk
  4. Eemsdelta Campus
  5. 'Typhoon-proof' Shenzhen's East Coast
  6. Bao’An G107 Corridor
  7. Ludlstrasse Munich
  8. Park Somerlust Amsterdam
  9. Jonas Amsterdam
  10. Almazov National Medical Research Centre
  11. Yaanila Country Park
  12. Precincts Canterbury Cathedral
  13. Quartierlandschaft Dietenbach
  14. Campus Lelystad
  15. Fish Market Leuven
  16. Schie Quarter Schiedam
  17. S4 Highway Hangzhou
  18. Zinder Culture Cluster
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